It’s 2010! Spice up Your Wardrobe with this Summer’s Fashion

16 Jul

Tank top, skirt and jeggings.

It’s a new summer which means a completely fresh wardrobe! This summer we have a disparate and unique summer vogue. However a couple of old styles have come back to fashion. So, all you fashion lovers, get ready to update your look as this season’s trend has some awesome additions. And a variety of fabrics in diverse colors bringing a more desirable style to each look.

The garment that was thought to be dead returns. This year the one piece clothings have come back in fashion for this summer, these are known as ‘Jumpsuits’ or ‘Rompers’. They are cute, flirty yet sensible and perfect for the summer. Funkier than ever combining it with flawless high heels. Just keep in mind they don’t suit everyone make sure it fits right.

You see them every where, every woman has them, yes they are indeed skinny jeans. Skinny Jeans create a more feminine look and can be easily paired up with absolutely anything.

Everyone has something denim, that trend continues and develops becoming better each year. Denim like-dresses and vests are popular this summer as well as ‘Jeggings’. ‘Jeggings’ are a stunning addition, it’s something new and lush; they look like denim jeans but are leggings. They are extremely popular and trendy among women. These leggings are stretchy and are skin tight as well as comfortable and curvy. You may pair them with almost anything from simple tank tops to sweater like shirts. They can be worn just like basic jeans not as leggings. Match your jeggings up with a pair of gorgeous heels and/or a scarf and a long sweater.

Perfect for the summer are short shorts, if you have nice long legs don’t be afraid and buy a beautiful pair of short shorts. These type of shorts have an increasing number of popularity every day, almost every woman on the streets are wearing a pair. Shorts with rips are even more sought-after.

From the endless options of patterns one of them is polka dots, they are indeed back in style. Spice up your look with one of the fresh prints and textures. Printed dresses along with the classic kind are well-liked too. And of course the bohemian look and dark rock look have to be mentioned. Details such as crochets, beading and fringes just gives a exemplary bohemian feel. Floral prints are also a wonderful inclusion even though it seems to be used over many years now; but there is a great renewal. It brings a summery, beach-like feel to the clothes; floral prints give each garment a brighter, livelier and warmer appearance. Another great addition is the army look, multiple pieces of clothing have this style, khaki in color and spreads soldier-like feel.

They are comfortable, colorful and captivating, used every summer, there can’t be anything more loved than flip-flops. There are a count-less number of flip-flops, a variety of colors and several different types. Flip-flops just don’t get old. Easy to wear, casual and snug.

Forever 21, Urbanoutfitters, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle and many more have an incredible and breathtaking summer collection. This summer must-haves are over-sized sunglasses, denim shorts, denim jackets, wedges, gladiator sandals, tribal printed clothing and much more.

Esha Mehta

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