Michael Jackson: Better Dead Or Alive?

14 Jul

by Jordan Wilson

His life was an epic struggle. We watched the struggle happen right before our own eyes. He was criticized. He was hated. He was loved, and is loved by the world right now more than ever. But, has this love become just because of his death?

Jackson on a visit to the White House, 1984


Michael Joseph Jackson born  August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Jackson grew up in a working class neighborhood, and lived in a 2 bedroom home with 9 other brothers and sisters. Jackson died with a 500 million dollar estate and the title of Best Entertainer of All Time.

Life wasn’t all grand for Michael Jackson. Between numerous child molestation charges, a dramatic change in his appearance, and rumors about his personal life, he became prey for the media to pick on. Their opinion of his shifted the public’s opinion. So I must ask ; do we appreciate and love Michael Jackson more BECAUSE of his death?

50 teens were asked what they thought. Here are the results:

17 said they no.

5  said they were unsure.

24 said they believed so.

 “I loved ‘MJ’ before he died. But after he was gone for good I realized how much of an impact he had on this world.” One teen says. Another teen speaks from a different perspective and says “I thought Michael Jackson was weird before he died, and I still think he was weird”, “his music was awesome though”

After his death, it has become almost impossible not to find his music videos on TV, hear his music on the radio, or read articles about him in magazines. This makes it easy to wonder: Why is it that is seems like Michael Jackson matters more than ever now that he died? Why is it now that the media outlets that shunned him amid his many scandals, now shed light on him by celebrating his life and accomplishments? Why is it, that a year and 16 days after his death people his career he is still very much alive?

These questions are difficult to answer. And regardless of how and what you remember, it’s impossible to forget him.

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